a phone representative confirmed these limitations in my situation once I asked about money limits.

You will pay $2.50 per ATM withdrawal at a non-Wells Fargo ATM along with charges charged by the ATM owner. This might get costly quickly, therefore it likely does not add up to withdraw cash at a non-Wells Fargo ATM to regularly make kilometers and points, but might make sense to accomplish minimal spending demands.

4. Funding Limits. Here’s where it got interesting! The terms say that:

“the maximum value that could be packed onto the Card is $2,500.00 per load, a day. Take note that people may restrict the quantity of funds that you can to load your Card on therefore the range times you may possibly load funds to your Card within some time.”

Nevertheless, I became able to fund $9,500 between November 1 to November 4, 2012. My very first load ended up being $2,500 and subsequent lots had been $1,000.

I could fund, I would make trips to Wal Mart to load my Bluebird, so my balance never got to $9,500 on the Wells Fargo card even though my cumulative funding across 4 days was $9,500 while I was trying to see the maximum.

After 4 times, we wasn’t in a position to fund my account any longer, and so I had been concerned that my account could be closed. I continued having the “Maximum amount of reloads reached” error message. I possibly could make use of my card for regular deals, but couldn’t fund it anymore.

Nevertheless, at the start of December, I happened to be in a position to fund my account once again. Therefore I’m nevertheless uncertain just what the money limitations are for the card! If you ask me, it is more compared to the $4,500 in thirty days recommended by the FlyerTalk thread and Wells Fargo phone reps.

5. Cash Sales. The Wells Fargo prepaid credit card has a PIN number, and I also surely could make use of it to obtain purchase cash purchases from Wal-Mart, Kroger food markets, plus the USPS. 6. Money Back. I became in a position to get cash return once I utilized my Wells Fargo card to look for food, etc. We selected the maximum cash return every time (

$200) to make certain that i really could withdraw whenever you can from my Wells Fargo prepaid credit card. This can help conserve money on ATM costs if you wish to withdraw cash from the Wells Fargo prepaid credit card. 7. Multiple Cards. I did son’t verify if you’re able to have more than 1 Wells Fargo prepaid credit card per individual. 8. Changing Funding Source. I happened to be in a position to replace the bank card capital source online 5 times, but never ever a lot more than twice in one day online installment AL. 9. Fund My Bluebird. I penned earlier in the day that you need to use the Wells Fargo prepaid credit card to invest in your United states Express Bluebird.

We utilized my Wells Fargo card to invest in my United states Express Bluebird as a debit card load at Wal-Mart. This may be ideal for people who don’t gain access to Vanilla Reloads cards, but who’re near to a Wal-Mart. You are able to load your United states Express Bluebird at Wal-Mart without a fee with a debit card and then utilize United states Express Bluebird to cover your bills, etc.

There clearly was a daily limitation of $1,000 and $5,000 each month with this particular form of capital (that is with the limitation for Vanilla Reloads).

You will definitely make kilometers and points whenever you fund your Wells Fargo card with a credit card, but make sure you make use of a charge card which does not charge cash loan costs.

But, the most funding per transaction is $600 aided by the Wells Fargo prepaid debit card, so that you will need to fund your Bluebird in 2 split transactions should you want to achieve the $1,000 day-to-day limit.

There didn’t look like a maximum daily limitation of purchases with all the Wells Fargo, and I also funded both Emily and my Bluebird in 4 split deals of $500 each on numerous times as a test.

10. Venmo. I did son’t verify if you’re able to utilize Venmo to move funds from the Wells Fargo card straight to your bank account at no cost. This will be less difficult than making ATM withdrawals.

Venmo recently started debit that is accepting as well as try not to charge a fee for “Debit cards released by major banking institutions.” They do charge a 3% cost for debit cards released by smaller banking institutions. Nevertheless, these pages says that utilizing debit cards is obviously free, therefore I’m not sure which page is accurate.

Please remark in the event that you’ve effectively utilized Venmo because of the Wells Fargo card. Making use of Venmo makes it much simpler because you are able to fund your Wells Fargo card with a credit card from your own computer and withdraw cash from Venmo to your money from your own computer as well!

Important Thing

The Wells Fargo card is yet another tool to assist fulfill minimal investing needs even though you don’t gain access to a Wells Fargo ATM.

But it is time intensive to visit a Wells Fargo ATM to withdraw cash, if you may use money back while shopping, buy cash purchases, or fund your Wells Fargo card to your American Express Bluebird.

Please read “The Risk” section above before utilizing debit that is prepaid to generally meet minimal investing demands on bank cards. Don’t use a Citi card using the Wells Fargo prepaid credit card, and stay careful to be instantly charged an advance loan (with a high costs and interest) from banks which presently usually do not charge cash loan fees from the Wells Fargo card.