No-contract SIM Rocket Packs. Loan and interest prices

Got concerns about Rocket Packs? Our No-contract SIM FAQs have all the information you want.

When you yourself have a No-contract SIM, you should buy packages of information, mins and texts for the month without having any agreement. We call these bundles Rocket Packs.

To purchase your Rocket Pack you’ll either create a payment that is recurring My Account or load cash on your SIM.

To select your Rocket Pack and create your re payment, log on to My Account.

To get…


Text the shortcode below to 28948

2GB, 500 mins and 5,000 texts

8GB, 5,000 minutes and 5,000 texts

15GB, 5,000 moments and 5,000 texts

20GB, 5,000 moments and 5,000 texts

40GB, 5,000 moments and 5,000 texts

Rocket Packs final four weeks and automatically restore, either from your own payment that is recurring or cash you’ve loaded on your SIM. For instance, if you receive very first Rocket Pack on 5 January, it’s going to endure until midnight on 4 February. Periodically there’s a delay that is short your Rocket Pack is prepared. For more information, please read our stipulations

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Top-up first, then directly you need to buy your Rocket Pack after you’ve topped up. This can be done:

  • In My Account
  • Into the Tesco Mobile Phone application
  • By calling 282
  • By texting 28948

If you’re perhaps not on Tesco mobile phone however you’ve currently got a phone you’re happy with, it is possible to purchase a free No-contract SIM and then obtain a Rocket Pack. Or if you’re purchasing a fresh phone, all our pay while you go phones now think about it the No-contract SIM with Rocket Packs as standard.

Very first top-up turns into the Rocket that is first Pack. As an example, in the event that you top-up ВЈ10, your top-up can change directly into a ВЈ10 Rocket Pack. Very first top-up has to be ВЈ10, ВЈ15 or ВЈ20.

Then you’re able to select from any one of our 5 Rocket Packs: ВЈ5, ВЈ7.50, ВЈ10, ВЈ15 and ВЈ20. Rocket Packs final a month from the time you purchase them. They immediately restore by the end regarding the thirty days. You can easily create a payment that is recurring My Account to obtain your Rocket Pack every month or perhaps you can top-up every month.

Here’s locations to purchase your no-contract that is free SIM

Directly you need to buy a new Rocket Pack to make sure your credit isn’t used up as normal credit after you’ve topped up. This can be done:

  • In My Own Account
  • Within the Tesco Cellphone application
  • By calling 282
  • By texting 28948
  • By calling customer support on 4455 from your Tesco mobile

Normally it takes around 4 hours for the Rocket Pack to trigger. We’ll text you when it is prepared to utilize.

Sorry, you will need to top-up once once again if you have enough credit left so you have enough to get the Rocket Pack you want, or you could get a smaller Rocket Pack.

You’ll be able to purchase your Rocket Pack:

  • In My Own Account
  • When you look at the Tesco Mobile Phone application
  • By calling 282
  • By texting 28948

You will have to change tariff if you’re on Triple Credit (however you don’t require a brand new SIM). To improve tariff and purchase a Rocket Pack, please phone 282 clear of your Tesco mobile and select ‘More facts about different types of credit’ to just simply take one to the alteration tariff options.

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