Leslie Shay. Shay and Dawson adhere to group 3 into structure, wherein they look for an injured males and start administering care and attention

Leslie Elizabeth Shay had been a paramedic assigned to Ambulance 61, functioning alongside Gabriela Dawson. Shay is definitely murdered in the collection of responsibility in year 3 premiere true Never Waits. She is represented by Lauren German.

Leslie is a lesbian, anything Peter Mills found once the different firefighters trick him into producing a pass at this model. She was previously in a three-year partnership with lady named Clarice Carthage, which fundamentally kept the woman to marry and get youngsters with an affluent husband. This seemingly have promoted the commitment problems she gets. She at first originate from Firehouse 87.


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Month 2 [ change | edit provider ]

In “a Nuisance Call”, she and Dawson these are known as to Darryl, an everyday call’s, quarters to greatly help him or her with his insulin treatment, something this individual could easily perform himself. They can be both agitated at your, so he is undoubtedly infatuated with Shay. This individual pulls out a gun in the center of the phone call, making friends dating service and Dawson attempts to collect your position they along by shouting at your, but Leslie require a special solution, advising him that this beav’s crazy about him or her as well, in addition they can visit elope in Las Vegas if this individual places on the firearm. All of his or her techniques fall short and then he takes themselves in mind before all of them, blood stream splattering over all of them. This influences Shay and Dawson in different ways, with Shay becoming despondent and taken, contributing to an argument exactly where Dawson pulls ranking and both declare their particular relationship over.

This woman is after seen drunk with Otis, mentioning it had been terrific which he transported in, and laughs with him until she starts sobbing. Otis concurs to keep the breakdown mystery from Severide, and she moves aside.

Loss of Leslie Shay [ revise | change supply ]

In reference to the event: “Real Never Waits”.

Head Boden’s wedding experience are disturbed when Firehouse 51 is called to a constructing flames. Shay and Dawson follow team 3 into the structure, exactly where the two discover a wounded men and begin providing practices. Dawson conveys to Shay to take top honors throughout this situation since she would ought to be responsible after Dawson makes, creating them to switch sites. Soon after they switch places, Dawson say Shay about Casey’s possible proposal. Shay acknowledges discover about it, and throughout this talk, an explosion takes place in the property. A collapsing tube fatally hits Shay from the mind while Dawson brings blown in return. Any time Severide occurs on stage, the man sees Dawson creating upper body compressions on Shay and jumps into assist. Despite their particular effort, Shay finally expires.

Actually later noticed that Shay was killed by one who was simply stalking the girl, Adrian Gish, who additionally set the flames that seriously injured Wallace Boden and murdered Ross McGowan and Henry Mills 20 years in the past. The storyline in the episode “genuine Never delays” is followed by the Season 3 Episode 13 “Three Bells”, which can be a crossover with Chicago P.D. month 2 event 13.

Splendid prices [ change | alter starting point ]

  • (To Mills): “Peter Mills, do you think you’re homosexual? Because i’m.”
  • (To Dawson): “it is not far too late to switch groups.”
  • (To Kelly about Clarice): “Looks like, I could bring overestimated this model lesbianism.”
  • (To Dawson about Mills): “Ugh. Marry him.”
  • (In flashback of Kelly): ” were we being peaceful? Tend to be you being big ((with lisp)) “
  • (Kelly about Shay): “Shay rode on 61. She is a section of the DNA about this firehouse. She am our very own pal. A great deal latest blood stream in 51 nowadays, soon the individuals who really don’t know Shay are actually gonna outnumber those of us which have. And so they should be aware whose shadow they’re strolling in.”

Appearances [ revise | modify provider ]

Shay is usually observed during time 3 available as flashbacks, generally from Kelly. (Always, Refer To It As Paradise, Im the Apocalypse)