Residing Rosa is a fantastic station if you only want to read a genuine messy family members living their unique lives, whom just so affect integrate two mothers

And performed we mention that their particular daughters is ADORBS? You should be cautioned, watching live Rosa clips will make you begin feeling awesome clucky, regardless your gender or whom you love!

Networks like live Rosa are so important for presence, showing the world that gay couples are coequally as good as at are parents as anybody more. Additionally it is beautiful observe just how totally recognizing girls’ relatives and buddies are about her lives.

5. Justin and Nick

Justin and Nick include a really precious homosexual pair exactly who discuss her physical lives collectively on YouTube (together with Instagram and Twitter). They create films on all kinds of things, using their day regimen (using their as lovable puppy!) to home tours, Harry Potter, attending satisfaction, and lots of fabulous homosexual travel.

What can we state, it just appears like Justin and Nick are two men after our personal minds! In addition to quite a few homosexual lovers vacation, we simply enjoy laughing at the their particular absurd few life ingredients, nonetheless they do get major occasionally as well. They have questioned younger activists exactly who participated in a€?March in regards to our Livesa€? as well as discussed on DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

Above everything, they actually display beard treatment, beauty products and from time to time preparing video clips aswell. Look out for adorable cameos off their dog and cat, and additionally their enchanting wedding proposition videos.

6. Bria and Chrissy

We can’t withstand an effective pop music beat plus the lesbian duo of Bria and Chrissy definitely deliver, alongside fun films of the physical lives collectively. Certainly, we love experiencing their audio (and this is on iTunes and fruit tunes) but we equally take pleasure in their ridiculous, and quite often saucy, films in which they try various YouTube challenges or just chat typically about lifestyle as lesbians.

Bria and Chrissy also get major though, discussing seriously private reports regarding their individual experience, traumas and problems with YouTube alone shutting down LGBTQ+ content material on their own system. It’s energizing to listen the real story off their gay videos designers, and hopefully we can all assist to determine no body’s sound will get erased from YouTube.

In addition to their biggest YouTube station, Bria and Chrissy have a far more personal one labeled as ponder Warriors you will want to discover. Right here they send fitness movies and day-to-day vlogs, so it is considerably more behind-the-scenes of what happens over to their primary channel.

7. Josh Rimer

We have now actually questioned Josh before about gay existence in Canada, but we also convince one take a look at their YouTube station! In 2019, Josh got crowned Mr Gay Canada and a lot of his video showcase him participating in homosexual satisfaction happenings worldwide with his well-deserved concept.

More recently, Josh might pleasing their audience to the strategies of creating a homosexual marriage (to fiancA© Heath), which include both a homophobic resort maybe not wanting them and fundamentally having to terminate their own wedding ceremony as a result of the pandemic. Definitely, plenty of folks have been in equivalent ship aided by the pandemic but that a resort, in homosexual friendly Puerto Vallarta no less, doesn’t want to host a gay relationships is fairly surprising inside era.

We like viewing Josh and Heath seeing gay destinations, specifically types we’ven’t gone to yet like Australia! We are therefore jealousa€¦ But we in addition take pleasure in the small glimpses into daily life, which merely assist to establish that homosexual partners are not any not the same as hetero couples.

8. Princess Joules

Julie Vu aka Princess Joules aka Mama Sparkles, try a stunning lady whom vlogs about all aspects of the lady male to feminine changeover, transgender dating and interactions, in conjunction with a wholesome amount of beauty products tutorials and enjoyable YouTube challenges. She is in fact among the first YouTubers to fully report this lady entire change a€“ talk about a trailblazer!

With sharing honest clips about transitioning, Julie has also made movies featuring problem for example home-based violence, showing just how it affects both cis and trans folks. She actually is even given the girl audience a genuine see her own individual experience with home-based assault.

She furthermore can make many light-hearted articles though, typically studying the funny side of lifestyle. In 2019, Julie is neglect Foreign king Canada and she is additionally made videos about the woman moves as a transgender girl in parts of asia, which will be definitely inspiring for other trans tourists.

9. In Wonderland Arif and Ricky

Arif and Ricky is a gay couples that produced an entire various other realm of artwork on their own once they got together. The Wonderland part of a€?In Wonderlanda€? brings together their particular provided passion for art, theater, Disney and desires, all bundled as much as spread a confident LGTBQ+ message via their particular YouTube channel, site and social media stations.

Obtained both taught as lifetime mentors, thus define on their own as gay existence coaches, seeking to help people see their path to happiness. Thru their particular YouTube video they provide countless tips for homosexual watchers about relationships, developing, household problem, and much more.

We love exactly how fun and colorful their unique route try (and of course the males by themselves!), and enjoying viewing their own sillier clips about gay couples issues. Arif and Ricky are also redesigning a motorhome so that you can join the small residence residing action, which has been very interesting to check out!

10. Matt and Azure

Matt and azure become an attractive married gay couple whom vlog about life in a tiny nation community in Colorado employing boy, your dog, a horse, a cat and chickens. It is energizing to see a channel featuring gay men creating things like riding ponies and Doing It Yourself, which are generally viewed as simply for straight guys. Matt and Blue surely enhance the cowboy part in united states!

These two cuties in addition display truthful glimpses to their fatherhood quest, vlogging about the reason why they made a decision to adopt and what it got like implementing as two men. Moreover, they muse about lifestyle as a gay household in a little community, just what it ended up being like coming out for their households and how they generate their wedding perform.

Be sure you check out her station for sweet clips of household lifestyle, a€?gay guys creating affairsa€? (which is their unique concept!), remodelling, and garden. You should be warned, it will make you begin fantasizing about having your very own small farm!


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